About Paxpower


PaxPower was created to build the trucks the OEMs won’t.  Off-road capable trucks have become a large market segment, but often the perfect truck just doesn’t exist.  PaxPower aims to fill this void by coming to market with creations such as Gen 2 Supercharged V8 Raptor Conversions or the Jackal, a Silverado with looks and performance to match Ford’s Raptor.  Even though we present our truck builds in “packages,” virtually anything is possible with PaxPower and if you can dream it, we can build it.  PaxPower’s owners work to personally know their clients and make sure their bespoke build exceeds their expectations in terms of appearance and performance.  PaxPower has delivered trucks across the United States, from Long Island to Hawaii, and has started to cater to international truck clients, as well.  If you’re considering building a high-end performance truck, give PaxPower a call at 832-369-6852 and let’s make it happen!

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