2021+ PaxPower Alpha F150 Widebody

775 HP Supercharged PaxPower Alpha F150 Widebody

PaxPower makes many variations of the Ford F-150, but this build is a bit unique. Ben says this is what’s possible when a customer asks for the best parts of a few different builds. This F-150 was built for a customer who wanted to use his truck as a daily driver and as a chase truck for King of the Hammers.

Like the Chevy Silverado Jackal, this F-150 is equipped with fabricated bumpers, 37-inch tall tires, and wider bodywork that extends the truck’s width by about 7-inches. Powering this truck is a 5.0L Coyote V8, but PaxPower added a 3.0L Whipple Supercharger, so the truck is now making about 775hp! There’s also a custom hood that redirects airflow into the engine compartment. The suspension on this Ford is exceptionally high end too. Like the Chevy, you’ll see upper and lower arms from Baja Kits, but this truck is running FOX 3.0 shocks with remote reservoirs, which is the highest-end shock you can get from FOX. (the suspension alone costs around $7k!)

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